Abbott Implements Toughest Border Security Plan In The Nation

TX Governor SealPress Release: The Office of the Governor today released a web video following Governor Greg Abbott signing a comprehensive border security plan into law yesterday. Governor Abbott’s plan, which he declared a legislative priority, provides historic levels of funding to secure the border, establishes a Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Unit, strengthens penalties for human traffickers and increases funding for the border prosecution unit.

“Our first and foremost obligation is to protect our citizens’ safety,” Governor Abbott says in the video. “This comprehensive border security plan will ensure the safety of our communities, and I am proud to implement it.”

[youtube id=”POdkfZjf7o8″]

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Video Script

In his first State of the State Address, Governor Greg Abbott laid out his top priorities, among them securing the border. (KPRC, 2/17/15)

GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT: Our first and foremost obligation is to protect our citizens’ safety.

Governor Greg Abbott is in Houston this morning to sign comprehensive border security legislation. (KPRC, 6/9/15)

$800 million. (KXAS, 6/9/15)

For more manpower, technology, training and equipment. (KTRK, 6/9/15)

It allows the Department of Public Safety to hire 250 more troopers. (KXAS, 6/9/15)

The measure will strengthen border security and ensure support for the state’s anti-gang efforts. (KPRC, 6/9/15)

More funds to help combat human sex trafficking. (KTRK, 6/9/15)

GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT: We are here today to sign a comprehensive border security plan that will keep our state and our communities a safer place. And I am proud to sign into law HB 11 as well as the other laws today.

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