Supreme Court of the State of Texas

TX Supreme Court Upholds Same-Sex Divorce

Supreme Court of the State of TexasToday, the Texas Supreme Court upheld the divorce of same-sex couple Angelique Naylor and Sabina Daly, granted in a lower court.

Naylor and Daly were married in Massachusetts in 2004.

The court ruled that state authorities, who tried to block the divorce, did not have appropriate standing in the matter and upheld the divorce.

Governor Greg Abbott today issued the following statement:

The Texas Supreme Court’s decision is disappointing and legally incorrect. The Court mistakenly relied on a technicality to allow this divorce to proceed. Importantly, the Supreme Court did not address the Texas Constitution’s definition of marriage—and marriage in Texas remains an institution between one man and one woman. The Texas Constitution continues to stand as the governing law for marriage in the State of Texas. The State and all political subdivisions in Texas remain prohibited by the Texas Constitution from giving effect to a same-sex marriage or any document recognizing one—including the divorce decree in this case.

Chuck Smith, the head of Equality Texas, a same-sex marriage advocacy group, said the couple had been waiting for four years for the decision:

The Texas Supreme Court got this case right.


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