Making It Right at Outback

Outback SteakhouseLast Saturday night we decided to try Outback Steakhouse. It had been years since we went, and around 7:00 p.m. the parking lot wasn’t as crowded as it usually is on Saturdays. We were seated without a wait, but I did notice that you can now sign up online so your table will be ready when you arrive. It’s a great little feature to use on nights the place is crowded.

Since Outback had been out of our restaurant loop for sometime, it was nice to see the place was still clean, well maintained, and the staff was still extremely friendly. We ordered the appetizers in the form of Coconut Shrimp and a “Snack” size of the famous Blooming Onion. This was something new to me, as I did not know Outback has “Snack” sized appetizers now. While a full order of the Blooming Onion runs a little over $10, the “Snack” size only cost $4 and fills a saucer-sized plate. The Coconut Shrimp came as large, full-sized shrimps with dipping sauce. We were extremely pleased with the appetizer order.

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For the main meal my wife ended up with a Sirloin Cut of steak and I took the T-Bone. We both ordered baked potatos loaded, which were fantastic, and steamed vegetables. Everything was served expertly and cooked just right except for the T-Bone. I had ordered mine well done and it came as a medium rare.

When the waitress noticed the steak, she immediately apologized and removed the plate. I indicated that I was fine and did not need another one at that point. Within a few minutes Kevin, who must have been the manager on site, came over, apologized, offered us deserts, another steak or just about anything else we could have wanted. We thanked him for taking the time and indicated that we understand T-Bones are hard to cook just right because of the bone. In the end we took the apology and the reduced ticket for the night.

We walked away with two things to recommend to anyone going to Outback, first know people do make mistakes and second know that the food is still great with the great service we all seek in restaurant outings. Despite the steak outcome, I will certainly go back soon based on the overall positive experience and the service.

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