Ruby Tuesday

Saturday Evening at Ruby Tuesday

Ruby TuesdayIf you’re looking for a great place to spend time with family and friends in a social setting, look no further than Ruby Tuesday. Let’s face it, for all the modernization that we have in Texarkana, if you do not frequent our local bars, then the town pretty much shuts down at ten o’clock. By ten the mall has closed, most stores have closed, and many restaurants have closed. You might catch a late movie, but that does little good if your goal is to spend time with your family and friends somewhere. Enter Ruby Tuesday.

Ruby Tuesday has just the right combination of a bar setting and family dining atmosphere. Last Saturday night at ten our family was looking for a place to have a few laughs, eat, and just hang out. Since we had young children, we decided that Ruby Tuesday would be the place to go. We arrived and obtained a nice round table that easily seated all five of us. There were a few other people in the restaurant, mostly families and a couple of people at the bar drinking and talking. As atmosphere goes, it wasn’t too loud which was a major positive point.

Our waiter introduced himself, Chris, and immediately told us that we were “going to have a great night and have a lot of fun together.” He laughed, joked with us, but at the same time managed to balance distance and interaction in a way that did not seem like a “pushy waiter.” It was through talking with Chris that we learned that Texarkana’s Ruby Tuesday is one of twenty stores in the nation that receives new items first. This means the items on the menu are often in Texarkana before they are presented to other stores. We did not know this prior to the evening, but was excited to learn that the Shrimp Trio was one such menu item.

We spent the next hour or so eating great appetizers, trying the wonderful Shrimp Trio, ordering drinks from Diet Coke to Strawberry Lemonade and having an overall fantastic time. The food was cooked to perfection with each order coming just as we requested. I should note this is not the first trip to Ruby Tuesday and that each trip has been well received by my family. It should also be noted that unlike some restaurants in town, we never felt as though anyone was urging us to leave. We were made to feel welcome and even encouraged to stay long after the orders had been fulfilled.

When we left we carried boxes of leftovers, were offered drinks to go, and thanked Chris for a fantastic evening. I would recommend anyone loving seafood to try the Shrimp Trio, people wanting burgers will be happy too, and if you want a steak just ask for it to be cooked the way you want it and you won’t be sorry. This trip, like most, was an A+ experience with a staff that just keeps getting better with each visit. A big shout out to Chris for phenomenal service with a great attitude! If you want a place to spend time with friends and family, then you want Ruby Tuesday.


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