Bowie County Commissioners Court, Mon 24 Aug (Video)

Today in Bowie County Commissioners Court, the commissioners agreed to hold an election so that the residents of Redlick, Leary, Victory City, Everett, and Red Bank could decide whether to create an emergency services district, which would levy taxes to support the C5 Volunteer Fire Department.

This would allow the C5 VFD to purchase new equipment for the emergency responders, including both personal gear and team equipment. The propose tax rate will be .06%, or $6.00 per every $1,000 in home valuation. A home valued at $100,000 would pay an additional $60 in taxes, which could be offset by lower insurance premiums.

From the C5 VFD website:

C-5 Red Lick/Leary VFD is currently funded through fund raisers, donations and grants which has made funding unpredictable and not always stable. The ESD would provide a stable, reliable funding source which will help provide updated equipment, training and facilities to better serve the citizens of our response district.

Cost of Equipment

C-5 was awarded a number of grants from FEMA to purchase and update our apparatus, In 2006 C-5 purchased our 1st new piece of equipment, a 2006 Ford F550 which is in use today as our rescue truck. This truck had a total cost of $73,000 which does not include any of the equipment that is needed to make the truck operational. To replace this truck today would cost around $100,000. In 2007 C-5 was awarded a FEMA grant to purchase a Class A Engine with a 1250 gallon per minute pump used for firefighting operations, this truck was purchased for $186,000. To purchase this truck today would cost around $280.000. In 2011 C-5 was awarded a FEMA Grant to purchase a 3000 gallon Water Tender for firefighting operations, at the time of purchase the truck cost $180,000. To replace it at today’s cost would be around $225,000. Once a truck is purchased additional equipment is needed to make it operational, depending on the equipment needed to make it operational the cost can run between $10,000 to $50,000.

The ESD boundaries will run along the Red Lick / Leary Independent School district lines. If you live within these schools district you will be in the Emergency Service District.

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