Friday Lunch at Catfish King

David Beard's Catfish KingDavid Beard’s Catfish King has been around a long time with a reputation for great catfish and food. Today I decided to try the lunch hour and see our local restaurant in operation. At 11:50, the transition through the line could not have been smoother. Within a few minutes I had a seat and a catfish dinner hot and ready.

I ended the visit with a few issues that I feel need to be addressed by the chain. The first has the potential to be a safety issue. The entire floor of the restaurant was “slippery”. It seemed as if everywhere I walked there was a slight slide to my steps. I watched a few other people and noticed they seemed to have the same problem. One man with a cane actually stopped and checked the bottom of his cane after it slid on him. This issue certainly needs to be addressed beyond the two “Wet Floor” signs I saw.

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My second issue came with part of the meal. The drink, Dr. Pepper, was over carbonated – which should be an easy fix. I simply obtained a different drink. I have to admit that I was not overly impressed with the beans that came with the meal. They seemed bland, and even after I added some salt they simply did not have much taste to them.

In the positive area, the fish was fine. It was certainly not of the quality of some restaurants in town, but it was good for a quick lunch. All staff acted polite and friendly, and the atmosphere was nice with a variety of decorations on the wall.

The bottom line for our local Catfish King is that it is great for a quick meal, but it is by no means the best fish restaurant in town in my opinion. I know of several other restaurants, some which are not specialty fish restaurants, that offer a safer floor area and better food. Overall no problems with staff or atmosphere (with the exception of the floor) and the location is convenient when you are in that part of town.

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