Court Consolidates JP Offices (Video)

Today the Bowie County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to consolidate seven Justice of the Peace offices into six. Judge Carlow noted that it’s not possible to do so while a Justice is serving his elected term, but a vacancy in the Hooks office allowed the county to eliminate that office.

The move will eliminate the salaries for that office, including the JP and the office manager, saving the county around $90,000 per year. The duties of that office will be absorbed by three neighboring precincts.

The Court addressed several other agenda items, including a 5-year tax abatement for ALCOA in Nash as they restart the casthouse there, and approval of a new neighborhood west of Texarkana on Hwy 67, the Redbridge subdivision.

Each agenda item is included in the video below.

[youtube id=”cYHRQkcalLU”]

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