US Rep. John Ratcliffe, TX 4th Congressional District

Ratcliffe Calls On President to Stop Playing Politics With National Security

US Rep. John Ratcliffe, TX 4th Congressional District
US Rep. John Ratcliffe
TX 4th Congressional District

Press Release: In response to President Obama’s veto of a defense bill with deep bipartisan support, Rep. Ratcliffe expressed his disappointment in the president’s desire to continue to play political games with our national security. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is necessary to fund a strong national defense for the United States, and Rep. Ratcliffe supported it when it passed the House of Representatives.

The NDAA contains several measures that would enhance the Retirement System for service members, improve the pay and benefits for our troops and their families, initiate urgently-needed reforms to the Department of Defense’s broke acquisition system, prohibit the president from transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the U.S., and empower commanders to continue the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


“President Obama is hijacking our military funding in an attempt to get more funding for the IRS and EPA,” said Ratcliffe. “He gave Iran billions in sanction relief, but refuses to approve funding for our troops. I’ve frequently criticized the president for politicizing matters of national security, and today’s veto further reinforces how out-of-touch his priorities are with those of the American people.”

“I’m proud to stand with our military and men and women in uniform, and I know my constituents feel the same way. It’s unfortunate this posture has become a partisan issue. It’s time for the president to stop this nonsense and pass this bill. Our national security depends on it.”

Another important measure included in the NDAA would empower commanders to permit members of the Armed Forces to carry appropriate firearms, including personal firearms, at DOD installations, reserve centers and recruiting centers.

“After the recent tragic events this year in Chattanooga, this measure is greatly needed to ensure our men and women in uniform are protected from lone-wolf and ISIS inspired attacks,” Ratcliffe added.

House Republicans have set Nov. 5 as the date to vote on a veto override.


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