Sesame Credit

Brilliant. Horrifyingly Brilliant. (Video)

In China, they’ve made a game out of being a good obedient citizen.

Sesame Credit links to your social network and gives you a score for doing things that the government approves of — but it also reduces that score for doing things the government disapproves of. Not only that, but your friends’ scores affect yours, and being friends with the wrong kind of people will drag your score down as well.

Citizens will get real-life rewards for reaching high scores, which will apply pressure to either un-friend disobedient people, or get them to become “good” citizens.

The system is optional right now, but will be mandatory in 2020.

What’s more scary – a government that threatens you into obedience, or pressured into obedience by everyone you know?

Do you suppose there are plans for a similar program in these United States?

This video from YouTube channel Extra Credits explains:

[youtube id=”lHcTKWiZ8sI”]


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