Miller County Arkansas School Election Results

School Election

Miller County, AR– As expected the three school board races in Miller County reported a low turn out for today’s elections. Out of 23,024 registered voters eligible to vote in the election, only 905 voted. Two races were uncontested, while two races, one for Fouke School District and one for Genoa, had contested races.

Anita Clay ran unopposed for Texarkana Arkansas School District Zone 1. Vickie Lacy ran unopposed for Zone 4. No other races were on the ballot for the Texarkana district.

Cory Easley defeated Sue Ann Townsend for Fouke Position 1 with a 207 to 104 vote return. Jerl Palmore defeated Walter Whitehead for Genoa Place 2 with a vote of 304 to 192.

School tax, as required by law, was also addressed on each ballot . The tax issue is required to be voted on in each election with no changes being presented.

The Miller County Election Commission reviewed the results this evening at the Miller County Courthouse. The results are unofficial at this time and will be certified Monday 26, at the Miller County Courthouse by the commission.


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