Candidate for Miller County Sheriff Jackie Runion


Miller County, Arkansas– Jackie Runion has been working in law enforcement for over 40 years and has a combined 3,400 hours of training. He worked as a Miller County Deputy prior to going to work for the Texarkana Arkansas Police. With Texarkana he served the citizens for 21 years before retiring as a Lieutenant. Jackie did not remain retired long and soon took a job with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. During his time with the Commission, Jackie rose to the rank of Captain and was over the A-4 District which includes seven counties in Arkansas.

Jackie answered a few questions from The Four States News recently regarding his run for Miller County Sheriff. When asked what prompted him to run, Jackie stated, “Miller County is my home, and I consider the people of Miller County my friends and neighbors. We all want to be able to raise our families in a community that is safe and as free as possible of crime.” Jackie noted his years in law enforcement and the fact that he just doesn’t seem capable of retiring. He said that he had been asked by several people to continue his service and has received huge support for his run for the position of Sheriff.

Jackie pointed out that the Miller County Sheriff’s office has twenty-two certified officers required to cover 620 square miles all the time. Jackie said those deputies, with that size of an area to cover, have to be out in the community. They have to be on patrol and proactive in the communities to prevent crimes. Jackie said, “There are some changes I would like to make. I’d like to have an officer dedicated to narcotics.” This officer, according to Jackie, would then need to coordinate investigations with property crimes since in most cases the two are related.

Jackie said one of the keys to having a successful department is continued training. He wants to have a successful and transparent office with deputies trained and up-to-date with all current laws and technology. He wants to promote and build a reserve program to help back up the regular officers if needed. “I want a department that is prompt and thorough in response and investigations for the entire county.”

When asked what he would keep the same, Jackie responded that the jail program needs to remain on its current line of operation. “When you consider where our jail system once was and how much progress has been made, you have to continue that line of thinking and progress,” Jackie said. The jail needs to continue to be a safe and secure facility as it has been with the current program. Jackie went on to state, “We have a responsibility to the taxpayers to provide a positive jail system that saves money for the county.”

When asked what do voters need to know about Jackie, Jackie said, “I have raised a family here and I have a 12-year-old granddaughter. I am committed to keeping our schools safe and doing all I can to make Miller County a place we can all be proud to call home.” Jackie noted that hard work and dedication to duty by his officers and those working for the Sheriff’s Department would not go unnoticed in his administration. Jackie said he intends to lead by ensuing outstanding training and setting a positive example for his officers to follow.

For more information, see Jackie Runion’s Page

Early voting in Miller County has already started. The general election will be on November 8.

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