Texarkana Police Prove Heroic and Avoid Deadly Force

Texarkana, AR – National media is quick to cover an incident where a police officer shoots an unarmed suspect, but that same media seems to avoid whenever an officer places his or her life on the line and does not use deadly force. On Wednesday December 28th, Texarkana Police were faced with a decision that […]

Vernette Warren Retires After 35 Years of Service to Miller County

  Miller County, AR– Vernette Warren celebrated her retirement today with friends and co-workers at the Miller County Courthouse in Texarkana. Vernette is a veteran employee of five Tax Collectors for Miller County. She started working under Margaret Walker, then Shirley Keller, Melisa Barns, Mary Kay Hicks, and finally under current Tax Collector Cathy Hardin-Harrison. […]

Miller County Sheriff Elect Runion To Take Office January First

Miller County, AR– At 11:45p.m. on December 31st, a group will gather at that late hour, and as the clock ticks into the next year on January 1st, 2017, there will be a new sheriff in Miller County. Jackie Runion will become the sheriff of the county. District Judge Wren Autrey will conduct the […]

For Some, It is Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The holidays are often a time to rejoice, but some do not share the joyful feelings of the season. The shorter days of winter can bring a gloomy mood and the hype of the holidays can set unrealistic expectations, especially for youngsters. Children may feel sad or anxious around December for many reasons, including added […]

Mauldin Route for Funeral Motocade Announced

Lisa Mauldin’s funeral will be held at Trinity Baptist Church located at 3115 Trinity Blvd, Texarkana, Arkansas on December 22 at 2:00 p.m. A motorcade for Correctional Officer Mauldin will leave Trinity Baptist Church and go to Hillcrest Cemetery, 5101 W. 7th Texarkana Texas, via south bound on Four States Fair Blvd., I-49 south around the […]