Seventh Annual Bi-State CEP Horticulture Conference


Texarkana, USA-Area gardeners are invited to take part in a seed swap and plant exchange at the Seventh Annual Bi-State CEP Horticulture Conference on Thursday, March 30.

The free event will be held from 8:35 am. to 4:55 pm. at the Southwest Center, 3222 West 7th Street, Texarkana, Texas.

The seed swap and plant exchange will be a new addition to the annual conference which includes programs by authoritative speakers on topics of interest to home flower gardeners, vegetable gardeners, and small truck farmers.

Area residents are invited to bring seeds, perennial bulbs, and plant starts of their favorite flowers, vegetables, and native plants. The exchange will be an opportunity to share flowers and vegetables with other gardeners and to pass along garden favorites and heritage perennials. Program participants do not need to bring seeds and plants to participate in the swap.

Additional plants will be distributed to conference participants by the CEP Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Plants will include miniature jonquilla, heritage daffodils, star of Bethlehem, grape hyacinths, oxalis, and spider lilies. These are perennials that have stood the test of time in the climate and soil of our area.

The Texas A & M Forest Service District Office will provide sixty tree seedling to conference participant. These hardy, bare root seedlings will include redbuds, pecans, cherrybark oak, Shumard oak, nutall oak, and sawtooth oak.

At the conclusion of the conference , final program speaker Edwalker Parker, heirloom plant specialist and founder of Southern Bell Blooms, will end his program by distributing choice heirloom bulbs.

In addition to the seed swap, the Annual Horticulture Conference will host eighth speakers on topics of interest to gardeners. They will speak on small scale vegetable production, vineyard establishment, back yard birch tapping, heirloom bulbs and ornamentals, agriability, and more.

The horticulture conference is open to the public at no charge and lunch will be provided. For information or for special accommodations please contact Brandon Hawkins, CEP-Agent (AGNR), at 903-628-6702

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