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A few months ago a friend of mine shared a new business he has running with me called Thrifty Bird ( He signed me up with my permission and I started to receive daily emails at roughly 3 a.m. each morning. By the time I would stumble out of bed, I could pull my Thrifty Bird email and see all the latest mark downs at my local Walmart stores.

Now I’m sure that a lot of folks are thinking, “Big deal, I can see the sales paper or go see the mark downs myself.” Yes, that’s one way of doing business, but then you miss the bigger picture. Thrifty Bird does something that sale papers cannot do. It captures daily mark downs. Did you know that Walmart marks prices down daily on many items? With such a large inventory, they have clearance items, stock reduction items, and even outdated items – think digital copies free with a purchased DVD or Blu-ray that have expired. These items do not always make the local sales paper because the item or items may be exclusive to one or a few stores. Let’s say that all the Walmart stores nationwide sell out of a “Top Notch” television sets – don’t worry, there is no such thing to my knowledge as “Top Notch” – but the store in Texarkana, Texas still has three units on the shelf. The main Walmart sales paper- which goes nationwide – is not going to advertise that those “Top Notch” televisions are about to be marked down. You cannot have people in Dallas running to a store, searching for a “Top Notch” and then not finding one! So, “Top Notch” never makes the main sale paper. If you happen to go into Walmart in Texarkana, Texas, then you find “Top Notch” televisions have been marked down from $300 to $75 and they only have three of them left. Because you happened to go into the store, you lucked out and got a “Top Notch” television for a great price. But, what if you don’t go to the store that day? You miss out and there’s no “Top Notch” television in your future. Enter Thrifty Bird!

Thrifty Bird will send you an email with your selected store – in this case Texarkana, Texas – and you’ll see a post that says something like this: “Top Notch” Television set, 3 in stock, Reg. price $300, marked down $75 in electronics row 33”. Now you know how many sets are there, what the mark down price is, and where to find the television once you get to the store. You’ve received your email early in the day – remember, they just marked it down around midnight – and you can quickly run to the Texarkana, Texas Walmart and buy your set. Thrifty Bird brings you the clearance or reduced prices before anyone else gets them…. well, before anyone other than other Thrifty Bird uses.

Since my friend signed me up and I started receiving the emails from Thrifty Bird, I have found mark downs on things I need like cleaning supplies, laundry items, etc., and I have found mark downs on things I want like electronic items, fishing items, and home furnishing items. In all honesty, I rarely go to Walmart, but when I do, it’s usually because I’m looking at mark down items, or looking for a specific item I need. Thrifty Bird helps me avoid going to Walmart unless they have a mark that I need…. well, okay, or if they have a mark down that I want!

So, do you want to know about the mark downs before anyone else does? Do you want to know about them at your Walmart in Dallas, Little Rock, Shreveport, Broken Bow, Ashdown, or anywhere else? If the answer is yes, then you need to go to Thrifty Bird at, and sign up. The free service allows you to list one Walmart store, and receive a list up to 10 items marked down in an email daily. The paid service allows you to list up to ten local Walmart stores – great for areas like Texarkana with multiple stores – and you can set up a list of items you want to see when they are marked down and a list of items you do not want to see. For example, maybe you just want to know when games and toys are marked down, but you do not want to see food, you can set up the program where you do not see food markdowns. I put in several different Walmart stores, not just my local ones, and the service covered those anywhere I listed; however, for the Texarkana area alone you could easily come up with six plus store just on the Arkansas and Texas sides of town. This would not count stores you could add for places like New Boston, Hope, Ashdown, or even Shreveport!

The bottom line is the free service will meet some people’s needs just fine, but if you want the real value, then you need to consider the premium service. The $9.99 fee can easily be made up in savings with notifications coming from ten stores daily. On average, you will see the mark downs 30 days a month on ten different stores. That’s a minimum of 300 mark downs a month directly into your email if each store only had one mark down a day – it has been my experience that each store has anywhere from five to ten mark downs a day. That average increases your odds to potentially over 3,000 mark downs a month brought directly to you before you ever step foot out of your house. You’ll know the store, the location of the item in the store, and how many items are available at that store. The saving will most likely pay the monthly charge several times over!

TB exmaple

An example of a Thrifty Bird Mark Down notification from 6-30-17

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