HCSO Tweet Shows America is Alive and Well

Harris County Deputy

From https://twitter.com/HCSOTexas feed

Texas, USA– A little over three hours ago the Harris County Sheriff’s Office tweeted the picture seen here.  Along with regular updates on the status of 911 calls, evacuations, and areas of need, the sheriff’s office is using social media to update the world and the people of Texas on Harris County, Texas.  The picture tweeted came with the reassurance “HCSO deputies are out in the Blackhorse subdivision still working high water rescues. #Harvey”

As the picture was being tweeted, out in California newscasters were tweeting a different type of picture.  They were busy tweeting the “faceless,” masked participates of ANTIFA as they took over a park.  They chanted “This is our park” and attacked several people.   Their hate-filled and fueled propaganda routine continued to blast across the twitter feeds.  Fortunately, those tweets do not represent who we are as Americans.  They do not represent what we do as Americans.   They do not represent how we as Americans act.   There are pictures of African Americans helping Caucasians, of Caucasians helping Hispanics, and so on.  People of all races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, sex and religions are coming together to help with the disaster in Texas.

Surrounding states, like Arkansas and others, have governors sending aide and supplies – not because the Texas problem is an Arkansas problem, but because the Texas problem America’s problem.  We are America.  The people going into the flood areas and bringing others out, the people giving blood, the people helping with evacuees across the state, and the service people already on the ground wading through water to carry out children, elderly and others are the true representations of America.

Lately I have been worried about the direction of the country.  I have seen those on the far-right and those on the far-left clashing behind a rhetoric of hate and intolerance.  They have attempted to dominate the news media and to convey that their message – hate filled and intolerant – is the right message….  Well America has another message for you- the hate and intolerance of such organizations is not the right representation of us.  All anyone has to do is look to the picture of a Harris County Sheriff Deputy carrying two children through the flood waters.  He carries them not because they are Caucasian, not because there is a boy or a girl, and not because they are his own kids.  He carries them because they are Americans and they needed his help.  This is what America is.  America is people helping, coming together and looking beyond race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and only seeing other Americans in need of help.

So, when you look through the news tonight, remember that the masked ANTIFA and other hate groups attempting to make you believe they are the majority, are not the majority.  They do not represent America…. No, America is represented by people like this Harris County Deputy in the heart of the disaster in Texas.  Sometimes one photo can remind us all that America is alive and well today in such people across this country sending and assisting in Texas.

You can send help too.  Join fellow Americans today and Stand with Texas!

Anyone wishing to send assistance should contact the providers below:

1-800-RED CROSS or text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation for those in need.

Salvation Army  1-800-SAL-ARMY to help

South Texas Blood

Catholic Charities 

Pets – Austin Pets Alive


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