Four States News Launches Events Pages

During a recent review of post a good friend of mine made a comment about the need for a good community events page. She stated that there had been a lot of great events last weekend, but there was no real central location to see these events.

After a quick look around the Internet, it was easy to find post on Facebook, News sites, and even the home webpages for some of the events. What was not easy to find was a central location where the event managers themselves could submit an event, edit the event, and have it posted to the entire community. We needed a site where people could not only list the event, time, place, need or lack of need for tickets, and location, but we also needed to be able to provide a link back to the homepage for the event sponsor.

The Four States News is proud to introduce our Event Submission Page and our Events Page. Each page can be accessed directly or from our main page in the green menu at where you will see “Submit Events” followed closely by “Events”. Click on either one of those links, and you will be taken to the correct page.

Another way to submit your event is to go directly to the submission page at Once you have filled out the form – be sure to check a category too – you can simply click “Add Event”. Your event will be automatically added. The Four States News does reserve the right to remove the event for any reason; however, we are sure that our community members will not be abusing this free service.

If you have submitted an event, or you just want to see what events are coming up in the next few days, go to our Events Page at On this page you will see a search option at the top – This allows you to search for specific types of events or to see if your event has been posted (You know, check up on that person you asked to post your event – just kidding). A seven day event calendar will be shown; however, if you click the small link on the side “See Full Schedule” you will be able to (get ready for it!) see the full schedule of events.

Please also keep in mind that The Four States News will run your press releases for any four states area events. If you have not written one, provide us the details of your event and we’ll write one for you. You can use our Events Page and run a press release if you would like, or just use our Events page. Uncomfortable with submitting an event? Just send us the details and we will put it on the page for you! All events are welcome regardless of your organization or affiliation. We only ask that events of a questionable or sexual nature not be added to our site as we are a community based site.

Home page:

Event Submission Page:

Event Page – View Events:


So, do you have an event posted yet? Why not?

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