Texarkana Arkansas School District Wraps Up 2017 Elections

TASDTexarkana, AR – The Texarkana Arkansas School District wrapped up election night this evening with a win for the district with the School Tax issue that will ensure a new school in the district.  Supporters of the measure had stressed that the School Tax would not change with a win or a loss in the election; however, without the win there would be no funds toward the building of a new, needed school in the district.  The unofficial counts showed 1,116 for the School Tax and 282 against the tax.

Jesse Buchanan ran unopposed for the school board seat in Zone 3.  There were two contested races, once for Zone 5 and one for Zone 6.   Unofficial totals have Chrystal Marlar defeating Laney Harris by 246 to 184 for Zone 5.  In Zone 6 the official totals has Roger Douglas defeating Lissa Henry by 109 to 57.

There are 10,895 registered voters of the seven precincts involved in the school election.  1,407 turned out to vote.  Results will be certified by the Miller County Elections Commission Monday at 5:00 p.m.



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