Last chance to see special exhibit on Jim Bowie and his famous knives at the Alamo!

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is encouraging Texas history enthusiasts to visit the Alamo and see a special temporary exhibition exploring the life of legendary Alamo defender James Bowie and his iconic knife. Since opening earlier this year, the exhibit, entitled Bowie: Man – Knife – Legend, has since been explored by nearly 400,000 visitors. With a new exhibit coming to the Alamo in spring 2018, Bowie: Man – Knife – Legend will officially close on December 31, 2017.
“Visiting the Alamo is a moving experience for all Texans and this special exhibit is one you don’t want to miss,” Commissioner Bush said. “This exhibit brings together an iconic Alamo defender, Jim Bowie, his namesake knife, which was a technological advance in its day, and a new technology that puts these amazing artifacts on display for the world to enjoy and study.”
Included in the exhibit are what many historians believe to have been the first ever Bowie knife and a Bowie knife that belonged to a member of a famous Civil War unit. In addition to showcasing several exceptional Bowie knives, the exhibit utilizes new display technology that allows visitors to touch history by interacting with the priceless artifacts as they learn about them. Bowie: Man – Knife – Legend is free to the public and open during normal Alamo operating hours.
“As a Texan and a former history teacher, I was proud that my team created this exciting exhibit that tells Texas’ timeless story of heroism, sacrifice, and liberty,” Commissioner Bush concluded.

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