UofA at Texarkana Overlooked in Local Article

An editorial in the local paper discussed higher education in Texarkana today, but it has some residents scratching their heads and wondering why the University of Arkansas at Texarkana was left out.  The editorial, written by a local reporter, does a fantastic job presenting the facts about the higher education options in Texarkana.  It points out the Texas A&M system, and Texarkana College.  Both schools are well represented, discussed, and the merits of attending locally are presented.

Within a few short hours of the article hitting the streets, social media was alive with questions about why the UofA was left out of the article.  One resident stated it was “shameful” to have left out the school.  Another resident felt like it was the UofA’s fault for not clarifying their name, being linked with Hope, and for not clarifying degrees offered.  While everyone can theorize as to why the UofA was left out, the author of the article himself stated what is perhaps the best reason.  In the midst of the social media comments, the author stated, “It wasn’t an intentional slight. We know it’s here. Just slipped my mind while writing.”  The debate may continue, but it should be clear it was an oversight by the local paper.

On the plus side of things, most residents responding were already well aware of the campus located in Texarkana, Arkansas across from the Bobby Ferguson Park.  Located on UofA Way, the school can be found next to the UAMS clinic and directly across from the lake portion of the park.  The campus is easily seen with its large “UofA” sign from I-30, and in fact is the only school in Texarkana easily seen from the Interstate.  A website at http://www.uacch.edu/ uses the same type of address as all the UofA schools in Arkansas.  The concept was to present the name University of Arkansas Community College at Hope in this case, the home campus for the Texarkana branch.  Other schools around the state also have a similar designation.  For example, the branch located in Batesville, Arkansas is known as UACCB.

The http://www.uacch.edu/ website also clearly indicates that the school has two campuses, one at Hope and one at Texarkana.  The Texarkana campus has a focus on core classes and associate degrees.  There are dozens of programs offered such welding, diesel technology,  heating and air, industrial technologies, nursing, and many others.  Core classes and degrees earned do transfer to all UofA schools including the flagship at Fayetteville.  These core classes and degrees also transfer to local four-year schools such as Texas A&M.  If a student wants, he or she could also transition to the Hope campus or even SAU at Magnolia.

The bottom line is the oversight was just that, a minor oversight by a great local reporter.  It is not likely that the oversight was intentional and perhaps the local paper could “make-up” to the community of Texarkana, Arkansas and to the school by simply running an article about the higher education benefits of Texarkana campus.  Whatever comes from this, it is still good to know that Texarkana has some outstanding higher education opportunities.  These opportunities are open to current high school students, people wanting to go back to school, or maybe someone just interested in learning something new.

More information about the outstanding programs offered at the University of Arkansas at Hope/Texarkana can be found at their website: http://www.uacch.edu/


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