Four States News Now Offering College Scores

FSN Scoreboard

Four States News Scoreboard

The Four States News is now offering college scores in addition to high school scores for the region with a new app. As always, there is no subscription and no requirements to access the new scoreboard just as readers have always been able to access the high school scoreboard.

On a computer monitor, the scoreboards will appear off to the right of the screen and can easily be scrolled through with your mouse or arrow keys. Each scoreboard offers updated scores, final scores, and the next scheduled game. In addition, when you have that debate with your best friend about the outcome of a previous game, you can use the scoreboard to look at the last few games for your team. Navigation is completed at the top of the app where you can also find a search. While the high school scores focused on the immediate and surrounding area of about sixty miles, the college scores focus on all the schools in the region. When developing a list of schools, it was felt that people from all over Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana are part of the readership for the Four States News. In addition, many people may have a college that is deeper in Texas for example than sixty miles that they would like to follow. While that person lives in the immediate four states area, he or she still wants to follow the scores from a favorite college “back home”.

It should be noted that on tablets and phones the scoreboards can be found at the bottom of the page usually. When someone opens the Four States News, they will be greeted by the opening page with a list of stories and information. That person can scroll down, see the advertisers, stories, and various post, and find the scoreboards on the bottom area of their screen.

Scoreboards update weekly and on Friday and Saturday nights and afternoons. If someone finds a scoreboard for a school in the four states area, or a local area high school is missing, all they need to do is drop a line and the Four States News will try to add the school.

We look forward to everyone in the four states area continuing to enjoy the Four States News and provide feedback and information to us on what you’d like to see. Remember, we always want to hear about your non-profit fundraisers, and charity events going on around the town. We are a community journalism site for you.

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