Miller County Tax Assessor Offers Online Assessments

Nancy Herron, Miller County Tax Assessor

If you have ever needed to look a property record up for Miller County, Arkansas, then you may have used the online service known at “ActDataScout”.  The service offers access to several counties and the opportunity to search property records, and see mapping for properties.  What you may not know is that the service has expanded to cover assessments.

Nancy Herron took over as the new Tax Assessor for Miller County in January.  Nancy and her team wasted no time rolling out the online assessment coverage for Miller County.  Now if you have an existing assessment with the county, you can go online and easily add new vehicles.  Not only can you access the site from your computer at, but you can also find an app for those wishing to use their cell phones or tablets. 

Assessments are required for new vehicles, boats, motorcycles, RVs, etc.  You have to have completed an assessment with the county assessor before you can register for tags.  In the past this has meant a trip to the Assessor’s office or a call to talk with someone about your assessment needs.  Now with the online service, you can complete your assessments without going to the courthouse. 

Nancy is encouraging everyone to spread the news and use the app or the online service as needed.  However, if you are still more comfortable talking with someone on the phone or coming by the office, then please do so.  Nancy and her crew will be glad to help you complete your assessment needs. is operated by DataScout, LLC. 

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