Community Spirit Restores Ed Worrell Memorial Park Sign

Red River Softwash picture before and after

The Texarkana business Red River Softwash, LLC recently cleaned the Ed Worrell Memorial Park sign and City Beautiful members followed up with painting.  Red River Softwash, as they described it on Facebook, was between jobs when they spotted the need for the sign to be cleaned.  Without contracts and pay, the company stopped, power washed the sign, and went on about business.  The post immediately made the rounds on Facebook for the company’s willingness to give back to the community.  Wendell and Mary Warner, members of the City Beautiful Commission of Texarkana, Arkansas, decided to follow up with the lettering and paint needs on the sign.

Surprisingly, Mary said they found that the sign had black cardboard inserted as letter filling on the sign.  She stated that she and Wendell had to remove the lettering and it made the 15-minute touch-up job take about an hour, but they were glad to do it.  Mary said she assumes the letters have been cardboard since the sign was put up and she has no idea how they lasted that long.  A small plaque on the back of the sign states the foundation was put up in 1994, which would mean at a minimum the cardboard letters have lasted twenty-five years.  

Wendell Warner painting sign

Mary and Wendell reported on the project at today’s City Beautiful Commission meeting.  Other members did not realize that the sign was being addressed and the two were commended for stepping out and stepping up for the community.  When asked by other members about how hot it’s been, Wendell responded, “Oh we went in the evening.  There was no way we could do it in the heat of the day.” 

If you know Mary and Wendell Warner, then you likely know they have restored homes here in Texarkana and they have a long history of service.  Mary and Wendell’s service at the sign is just another example of the spirit of community that shines through these two amazing people.  If you know them, take a moment to say thank you for all their hard work.  In truth, you have no idea how many little projects likes this one they take on all the time behind the scenes.

Sign after cleaning and painting

As for Red River Softwash, check out their Facebook page and keep them in mind for all your power washing needs.  They do windows, sidewalks, homes, etc.  If you have a project that needs attention, spend money with someone that invests and donates time back into your community.  Red River Softwash took the time to go above and beyond for our community, and they deserve our business and support as they grow in Texarkana.  See the link below for more information or call them up at 903-276-3990.

On Facebook -click here: Red River Softwash LLC.

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