Arkansas Assessments Online for Miller County

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Once again the new year is in full swing and with it comes the annual assessment of property in Arkansas. Assessments of vehicles can be completed in person at 400 Laurel Street, Room 100, Texarkana, Arkansas, by phone at 870-774-1502, or online at ScoutAssess.

This year if you want to avoid the rush and the busy signals on the phone, you can complete the assessment online at the Scout Assess site. There are several screens to be completed with the first one being a choice between vehicles and business property. Most people will be doing vehicles. Once that is clicked you will go to a page that takes some basic information such as last name, zip code, street number. The page then narrows you down to a shortlist where you will find your name in alphabetical order. If your name is “Smith” for example, you will scroll down the screen to the Smith’s and then find your first name and click on the link.

The next page goes through updates on your mailing address, emails, phones, etc. Once that is complete, you also decide what vehicles you still have and if you need to add any new vehicles. Unfortunately, the site indicates that it does not allow for trailers to be updated online. Once the process is complete, you’ll go through a final verification phase, review, and confirm all the settings.

The last screen provides a “Thank You” for completing your assessment online. You can also look to the right of the screen where you will see a link to a PDF. You can print off or save a copy of your submitted information. The site does request that you allow “several business days” for the information to be processed. Because of the process, anyone working to get tags updated should complete the assessment as soon as possible.

Nancy Herron, the Miller County Assessor, posted the link and information on social media recently. Nancy notes that anyone with questions can call the office or come by and the staff will be happy to help. The assessment period is January 1 through May 31. Any new vehicles or trailers purchased after assessment should be added for licensure purposes as soon as possible.

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