The “Whose Who” Expands Reach

New Whose Who of our Bowie County logo

There is a good chance you have heard of “The Whose Who of Our Miller County” when it comes to politics. Ronnie Dancer, the moderator, and creator of the group started the online Facebook Page a few years ago to allow political information from Miller County, Arkansas to be shared. Since the start, the page has grown, shared political information, candidate profiles, important dates, and other information without regard to party or person. The site has made a genuine and outstanding attempt at being a fair and neutral site for any candidate or issue. Now the “Whose Who” is expanding.

Recently Ronnie announced a new site on Facebook. The new site will focus on the “Whose Who of our Bowie County”. Ronnie indicated that several people on the Bowie County side of our little unique paradise had made positive comments about the Miller County page. Some of those same people had asked for a Bowie County page. Naturally, the focus of the Bowie County page will be candidates and issues directly affecting the citizens of Bowie County. Much like the original page, county politics, issues, and candidates will be the target of the forum.

Although the new page is still small in membership, it will not likely take long to grow just as the original Miller County page did. While the Miller County page has over 1500 members, it is not unusual for posts or videos, open to members and non-members to push upward of 5,000 and even 10,000 views.

Ronnie uses a small group of volunteers to maintain the pages and any information submitted must be approved by a moderator. Ronnie also adheres to a strict “No bashing” policy. While he allows candidates to present their own views and discuss their own agendas, he does not allow for bashing or badmouthing other candidates. He and his moderators also watch closely for inappropriate comments. He will warn a person and remove the content. If the person continues to post inappropriate comments, Ronnie and his team will eventually remove the person from the group page. This approach has helped so far to keep the Miller County site a place where anyone can read about a candidate or issue without being subjected to negative or offensive comments and materials.

The original “Whose Who of our Miller County” can be found online here:

The new “Whose Who of our Bowie County” can be found online here:

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