Outpatient Mental Health Program Forced into Laying Off Healthcare Staff Indefinitely

DALLAS, TX– Elevate Healthcare is heart broken to announce that effective immediately we will no longer be able to serve the North Texas community. Despite exhaustive efforts to meet the community needs we are not able to continue without the certainty of timely reimbursements of insurance companies to keep our doors open knowing the COVID-19 pandemic has increased mental health anxiety, suicide ideation, and depression daily.

We remain committed to our clients and provide wellness checks and will certainly provide vetted resources for further care. Unfortunately, we are at an impasse with timely reimbursements with insurance companies to sustain and retain compensating staff. Elevate Healthcare opened doors in three north Texas locations since January 1, 2019 serving over 3900 individuals. Since opening we have saved many from readmission to psychiatric hospitals, assisted families with high deductibles to begin treatment, and reduced taxpayer dollars for state funded insurances. By educating our families to maximize out – patient programming allows early intervention and prevention.

As schools go online due to disruption at hand, increasing mental health crises for our students and families; our calls have doubled since the COVID-19 pandemic. Elevate Healthcare depends on timely insurance reimbursements and we have battled to receive reimbursements on care provided.

About Elevate Healthcare
Elevate Healthcare is an outpatient mental health program that provides partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient serving pediatrics and adolescents (ages 5-17 years) with depression, suicide ideation, and behavioral issues. For more information visit, www.elevatehealthcare.us.

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