Four States News Rolls Quietly Over 6000

The Four States News Website ( reached 6000 published post late Friday afternoon.

As six press releases and other updates went out Friday afternoon, the Four States News quietly marked number 6000 for post and pushed beyond. To the reader at large, it went by completely unnoticed, but to me, as I sat in front of the computer screen and reviewed the posts and updated, it stood out as a tremendous accomplishment aided by too many people to thank.

Steve Oglesby conceived the idea for the Four States News and rolled out the publication in October 2013. It was a time when online publications were just starting to take hold and provide credible news and information. Oglesby envisioned a publication driven by “Community Journalism” where contributors would come from all walks of life and provide unique and insightful stories and updates. In June of 2016, Oglesby recognized the task he had set out to accomplish was growing beyond a small operation. He sold the publication to 5 Arrow Media, LLC. Oglesby remained the Editor Emeritus and provided insight and suggestions for some time.

The Four States News received over the years articles by potential senators, war heroes, independent writers, students, historians, and many more. In fact, so many have contributed to the Four States News, there is simply no way to name them all. Throughout the seven years since the start, some contributors have ceased to provide materials, others still provide an occasional article, and still, others have passed through only briefly with one post. We have enjoyed and appreciated each one of them. We simply could not have made this publication reach 6000 posts without them. Thank you all.

Today, we receive press releases from cities, county governments, parish areas, churches, political representatives, community organizations and so many more. We continue to strive to be a “Community Journalism” site. By definition, our site seeks to focus on what’s important to communities. We look for the unique news – things like a church bake sale, a revival, a non-profit event, and fundraiser, a scholarship awarded, and school and college news. Our door is open and all anyone has to do is provide a press release to us at: We realize there are so many cities, counties, and other groups that simply do not know the bottom line…We want your community news! Send it to us and we will push it out into social media, websites, online groups, and other places. Some of the non-profits we have been able to post are Abilities of Texas Unlimited, Inc., The Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall, and Gowns for Her. We are honored and privileged to be able to share links to those sites on our main page.

Today we operate the main site at, but we also have other links on the Internet and in different social media formats as you can see here:

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We know that as new social media outlets open, we will expand into those as well. We also know that sometimes we do not publish on all the social media outlets we have. We strive to keep news relevant to whatever group or outlet we use to promote it.

We have now rolled well past the 6000 mark thanks to people in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and even beyond the four states area. As time marches on we will see other milestones such as a 7000 mark, 8000, and eventually a 10,000. We invite everyone in our area to read, reach out, and share your news, and keep us in mind. We know we are not the only publication in the area. In fact, we read many other outstanding ones in the Texarkana alone. We know you have choices and we want you to know that contributors and readers have brought us this far…Thank you and may God bless each one of you.

About Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.
Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.

A published writer of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in both the digital age and the pre-digital age of publishing. Currently serving as editor and writer for the Four States News, all while living life across the four states region from Texarkana, USA. (

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