Local Radio Station Website Remembers Texarkana Area Fallen Police Officers

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Anna Pink, an on-air personality and writer, for 103.9 and 98.5 Pig Radio has spent the last week recognizing Texarkana area fallen officers.

You may have noticed some great online news sites around Texarkana. The Texarkana Gazette has one, there’s also the outstanding Texarkana Today, and naturally, there is this wonderful publication, the Four States News. In recent years though, radio stations and others around the area have also jumped on board with the online news. For most its an avenue to get the news out, obtain some support through advertising, and serve the community. In truth, this area is very fortunate to have many great online sources! The Pig, a page from 103.9 and 98.5, found at mypigradio.com is one such page running online news and updates for both the radio stations.

For roughly the last week, and in fact still going on right now according to Anna Pink, The Pig has been recognizing fallen officers from the Texarkana area. The first article was by John Williams and after that Anna has written the others. The Four States News has shared some of these stories on our Facebook Community Post page where any news outlet can post news, but they have also been seen in many other online and social media outlet sites and pages as well. Bowie County Deputy Sherri Jones has been featured, Miller county Deputy Charles Barnes has been featured, and many others. The first one to catch my attention was a feature about Deputy Michael Page. I had personally known Page before he became a deputy and had worked with him. He was a fine young man who was always eager to help people, and he served his community and his country. When I had known Michael, he was working with intellectually disabled children. This young man had a future that was going to impact the Texarkana area in a positive way – in fact, he was already a positive impact at the time of his death. I remember thinking when I heard the news that it simply could not be true. I kept thinking, it must be a different Mike. As you know, it turned out to be the young man I had known and respected. Thanks to Anna’s post, good and positive memories were brought back alive.

Since that first article honoring our fallen officers, I have read each one as they have come out. I remembered some of the names and a few of incidents. Others went back further than my time in the area. No officer serving his community and protecting deserves to die in the line of duty, but it happens. The Pig, and Anna Pink, has found a way to use a daily spotlight on National Police Week to honor these fallen men and women. The effort deserves our readership and thanks. In a world of online news where we have a friendly competition for readers, sometimes articles like these Anna has posted simply deserve to be elevated above profit and self-promotion standard. Thank you The Pig and Anna Pink for reminding us of our fallen local police heroes.

A search page featuring National Police Week can be found online at the Pig’s home page here: National Police Week

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