Fishing Regulation Proposed Changes in Arkansas Open for Comment

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The state is proposing changes to commercial, individual, and other aspects of fishing in Arkansas, and comments will be accepted for 45 days.

Arkansas: The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is currently conducting a survey online for feedback regarding changes in some of the state’s definitions and regulations regarding fishing. Companies and citizens are being encouraged to provide input and feedback in the multi-question survey online during the next 45 days.

The survey provides an opportunity to provide input on the proposal based on a strong or somewhat agree or disagree answers. The participant may then state why he or she agrees or disagrees. The survey covers a range from the use of Yo-Yos to bow fishing. It also covers some boating regulations and transportation regulations. Those interested in current fishing rules and regulations are encouraged to provide input.

The survey may be accessed online at the main website Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and can be found to the left of the page about midway under “Give Us Your Comments on the Proposed 2021 Fishing REgulations Changes.” The title leads directly to the survey and can be seen here Survey A participant may also opt for a “No Opinion” answer should he or she wish. Those interested and fishing in Arkansas are encouraged to participate in the survey. If you feel strongly about a specific recommendation, then you may consider contacting the Game and Fish Commission directly or your state representative or senator.

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