Rumors of Closings in Atlanta, Texas Due to Protest Problems

Rumors of people from Shreveport and ANTIFA swirl around social media concerning Atlanta, Texas

For the most part, the Texarkana area and surrounding communities have seen positive and appropriate protest movements in the last several days. Protestors have been praised on social media and local radio and television for being appropriate, polite, and overall community positive. Many of the protestors have seen the result of their actions praised through social media, waves, and honks from passing cars in support. Unfortunately, the news is starting to reach social media outlets this afternoon of potential problems in Atlanta, Texas.

One post on social media indicated that the store where the person was shopping announced it was closing in forty-five minutes. When the person arrived at the checkout, he was informed that ANTIFA was coming up from Shreveport to cause problems. Another post noted that Walmart is now closed and the doors are being barricaded. Apparently several other business locations are also closing.

Four States News learned from one person that as she was leaving the area heading back to Texarkana a lot of the businesses were shutting down. There has been no confirmation from news sources or police; however, history has shown us on several occasions that social media often carries the news faster. It is unknown at this time if the potential protest is ANTIFA, or another organization, and it is unknown what plans or problems may arise.

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