Monument Gains Support to Stay

Texarkana Confederate Monument from Wikipedia

The Confederate Mothers Monument in Texarkana is gaining support on social media to remain in downtown Texarkana.

Texarkana, USA: A local veteran women’s group has stirred historians and citizens alike in both Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texas to the rallying cry “Leave it alone,” and “Let it stay” on social media. Over a week ago, the Texarkana Gazette ran an article indicating that there will be a march in protest of the Confederate Monument on June 19th. A local veteran women’s group planned the march and discussed the issue with the paper for the article. The Four States News ran a brief review of the history of the monument and the viewpoint of both sides on June 17. Since that time, we have received a staggering number of comments online in various newsgroups supporting leaving the monument in place.

Many of the supporters of the monument point out the beauty of the statue, the history behind it, and the fact that it is in a historic district. One comment stated that since the downtown area is filled with other historical properties, buildings, a fountain., etc, that this monument is already in a perfect historical setting. Another person also pointed out that the monument is on the historical registry and that the request to move it to a museum setting is wrong since the area is the historical district. Some comments noted that even if the monument was to be moved, it would cost anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000 of taxpayer dollars to move. Yet another commenter noted that the monument was there before the current courthouse and can be seen in many postcards from Texarkana and other pictures.

Supporters have come up from both Texarkana Arkansas and Texas supporting the “Leave it alone” call. Several Arkansas residents seemed confused when they were told by city leaders that the monument belongs to the Texas side and that Texarkana, Texas would have to make the decision. Some pointed out that the paperwork originally put the monument property and the monument itself in the trust and ownership of both Texarkana cities and the Daughters of Confederate Veterans. It should be noted that it is unknown if those commenting about ownership have viewed the actual documents pertaining to the monument.

Another post on Facebook in support of keeping the monument was brought to our attention just a few moments before this article was scheduled to go online. In over three hours, that post already had over 75 shares and upward of a hundred comments in support of leaving the monument in its current historical place. People encouraged one another to call the city and to show up in favor of leaving the monument alone. The post also provided a number for the city where citizens may call and comment (903-798-3900). Additional telephone numbers for contacting city officials and expressing views concerning the monument may be found at the Texarkana, Texas Website.