Peaceful Demonstration at Confederate Monument in Texarkana

Supporters and opponents to the Confederate Monument met in downtown Texarkana this evening.

Texarkana, USA: Texarkana saw those wishing to remove the Confederate Monument and those wishing to keep it meet in a peaceful demonstration by both sides. Although voices were raised from time-to-time by both, overall the meeting appeared to open discussion. There were several signs stating “Leave it alone” and several stating “Remove it”. Supporters argued that it is not a “racist” monument while opponents pointed out the slavery history of the Confederacy. One sign stated, “If it’s not racist, then let’s discuss it.”

With about a hundred people in attendance, the demonstration was based on the monument’s lawn and reached across the street in both directions. News media and various press organizations came throughout the event that started at 7 p.m. and was still going at 9:15. Some appeared to have sleeping bags on-site. Many of the opponents to the monument wore “Black Lives Matter” shirts and there were references to recent police brutality.

Many of the opponents and supporters sat in small discussion groups with some ending in hugs, handshakes, and laughter. It remained apparent that each side had no intention of backing down from their respective positions, but the discussions seemed positive. Some in the crowd indicated that there had been discussion about putting additional monuments to the Civil Rights movement. At least a few suggested that both monuments share the plot of land.

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