4th of July Celebrations Could Increase COVID-19 Cases

Across the country cases of COVID-19 are increases and state, county, and local officials continue to warn the community about large gatherings. On June 23, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson in his daily briefing warned aginst large gatherings for the Fourth of July weekend. Miller County Emergency Management followed up on the warning stating that the “number of COVID-19 cases has increased to a number unexpected by health officials. Miller County went on to state the following general warning:

Right now, the very best action you can take is to AVOID large public gatherings and keep a distance from others.

Texas has already responded by closing bars and reducing the number of people allowed in restaurants as of June 26. Most states are in the process of putting phase two or three, depending on the state, on hold for reopening.

Another report indicated that Intensive Care Units in Oklahoma, Dallas, and central Arkansas have been filling up. Some have already met capacity due to COVID-19.

Those wishing to track the current status of COVID-19 may find resources online at https://covidtracking.com/ . Below is an updated chart on new numbers as of this afternoon:

While many in the country continue to express a lack of concern regarding COVID-19 due to the high rate of recovery, it should be noted that recovery does not guarantee against other problems. Many of those recovering from COVID-19 are suffering significant other health-related issues Some have reported problems breathing, heart issues, etc.

The state, county and local officials continue to encourage people to avoid large gatherings during the Fourth of July weekend celebrations and to work at social distancing.

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