President Mentions Texarkana in Official Tweet

Texarkana, AR: President Donald J. Trump mentioned Texarkana, Arkansas in an official Tweet. On July 29, the world following the Twitter account of the President of the United States awoke to a tweet mentioning Texarkana, Arkansas, and specifically the Texarkana Regional Airport.

In an age of increasing social media, the tweet on July 29 may mark the first time in social media history for a President to mention Texarkana. The President’s tweet notes the $3.6 million in grants has been designated to the airport. For several months citizens of the area have been discussing the new airport design and construction date.

The President’s tweet goes on to note that he is “Glad to help the people of Arkansas.” It should be noted that the airport serves people in Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texas. In some cases, people have also used the airport from Northwest Louisiana and Southeast Oklahoma.

Grants are expected to imporve five more airports around the state of Arkansas. The grants are being provided through the United States Department of Transportation and have been designated for improving or constructing new terminals and airport services around the state.

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