Ward 2 Candidate Vickie Lacy Meet and Greet Planned

Ward 2 of Texarkana, Arkansas Candidate Vickie Lacy will have a Meet and Greet on September 8 at the 1894 Gallery

Vickie Lacy

Texarkana, AR: Vickie Lacy announced her candidacy for Ward 2 City Director back in February 2020 in the Four States News. Since that time, a national emergency regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic has limited all candidates for public office, including Lacy, on the ability to reach out to voters. While limitations such as social distancing and mask will remain in effect likely through the end of the year, Lacy has a formal “Meet and Greet” for September 8 at 5 p.m.

The Meet and Greet will be held at the 1894 Gallery located in the Historic 1894 Building in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas. David Peavy, the owner of the 1894 Building announced the Meet and Greet on social media yesterday. Since the announcement was made, it has been shared in several areas on social media. The 1894 Building is located in the Ward 2 area where Lacy is seeking office as the City Ward Director.

Lacy is a graduate of Arkansas High School, a lifelong resident of Texarkana, and a board member for the Arkansas High School District. In addition, Lacy serves on several other local boards for events and charities in Texarkana.

Lacy has publically stated on social media that she is honored that Peavy would allow the Historic 1894 Building to serve as a Meet and Greet location. Lacy is looking forward to meeting with voters from the Ward, friends, and supporters from the entire Texarkana area.

The Historic 1894 can be found on Facebook for further information at Historic 1894 City Market and online at their website.

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