Learn About 1836 Battle Cannons At The Alamo Addresses: Cannon Replica Project On Sept. 30

The first two Cannon replicas on display in Alamo Plaza.

AN ANTONIO – The Alamo is excited to announce a new virtual event that will provide an in-depth glimpse into the 1836 Battle Cannon Replica Project. During The Alamo Addresses: Cannon Replica Project, an interactive virtual conversation with cannon experts, viewers will learn more about the cannons used during the Battle of the Alamo and how and why the Alamo has commissioned replica cannons for the site today. This virtual discussion will include a panel of experts in Alamo and cannon history, including:

  • Kolby Lanham,  Alamo History Researcher
  • Kristi Nichols, Alamo Director of Archaeology, Collections, and Historical Research
  • Ernesto Rodriguez, Alamo Curator
  • Pam Rosser, Alamo Conservator

The 1836 Battle Cannon Project will see high-quality, historically-accurate replicas placed in the vicinity of the Alamo’s Main Gate and Palisade, where the historical record says they were likely located during the battle. Set for completion in 2021, the first two replicas of iron 4-pounder cannons are now available for the public to view in Alamo Plaza. Learn more about the history of the Alamo Battle Cannons, the research, and the process of creating these stunning 1836 replicas.

“Unveiling the first two replica cannons on-site was just a taste of what we hope to see in the next several months,” Alamo Director of Archaeology Kristi Nichols said. “More cannons with carriages are to come, and soon the public will be able to see a glimpse of how the artillery was positioned around the fort. This virtual event will be a special opportunity to learn about the exciting research about the cannons, from historical accounts to conservation efforts.”

This virtual event will be held via Zoom at 6 p.m. (CST) on Wednesday, September 30th. Tickets can be purchased here for $10 per connection.

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