Senator Bryan Hughes and Representative Jay Dean address Gregg County Democratic Primary Election Fraud

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AUSTIN – Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) today issued the following statement in conjunction with Representative Jay Dean (R- Longview) on the indictment of four defendants  on charges related to election fraud in the 2018 Democratic primary race for Gregg County Commissioner for Precinct Four:

Today a Gregg County Grand Jury indicted four defendants on election offenses committed during the 2018 Democratic primary race for Gregg County Commissioner for Precinct Four. The indictment alleges 134 felony counts against the four defendants, including Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown. The indictments cover a range of offenses including engaging in organized election fraud and fraudulent use of a mail ballot application.

During the 2018 race between Kasha Williams and Mr. Brown, some concerning numbers were released.

In all other Gregg County precincts, a combined total of 12 mail ballot applications were requested based on a voter’s disability. In Precinct 4, voters requested 366 ballots based on the voters’ disabilities. While Williams defeated Brown by more than 20 points in in-person early voting and election day ballots, 73% of these 366 mail ballot votes were cast for Brown, who ultimately won the election by five votes. According to county elections data, 69% percent of mail ballot applications for Brown’s race were marked as being assisted by a third-party.

“Voting by mail is an important tool for our over-65 and disabled citizens. Mail-in ballots are also most vulnerable to cheating and fraud. We must protect Texas election integrity and we will.”,  said Senator Hughes. 

Representative Dean stated, “The alleged account of voter fraud appears so clearly to be a problem in our districts, but we are encouraged by the attention it has brought to the issue, both here and statewide, and by the opportunity to fix this problem.

Both legislators expressed their thanks to Attorney General Ken Paxton, District Attorney Tom Watson, Sheriff Maxey Cerliano, and their teams for their thorough investigation.

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