Terry Roberts, City Board Candidate For Texarkana, Arkansas

Terry Roberts

Texarkana, AR: Terry Roberts is running for Texarkana, Arkansas Board of Directors Ward 1 Position. Terry is a lifelong resident of Texarkana, Arkansas and a graduate of Arkansas High. He is currently serving as the Cheif Clerk for Judge Nancy Talley in Bowie County, Texas.

Roberts holds a Bachelors’s degree in Business Administration and serves as a volunteer at Hospice of Texarkana in the pastoral care capacity. He has spent several years volunteering in the community and notes that it has been a blessing and joy to serve.

Terry is presenting voters with a plan that includes three priorities for the city of Texarkana, Arkansas. He wants to focus on infrastructure and the delivery of necessary services not only for citizens in Ward 1 but for citizens throughout the city. He wants to zero in on public safety and promote it at a community level, school level, and government level throughout the city. Finally, he wants to work toward an environment that attracts and retains businesses to Texarkana, Arkansas.

Terry notes that he was raised to be “integrity-driven.” He wants to apply that drive to the board and the position of Ward 1 Director. He feels strongly that a Ward Director should be prepared to listen to the community, and perhaps more importantly, act and respond to community concerns. Terry stated, “I believe in follow-through, and I pledge to always follow-up with the people.” Terry stresses that he believes our area can “thrive beyond the current standard.” He wants to see Texarkana, Arkansas, thrive economically and provide a stable tax base to serve the citizens. He believes Texarkana, Arkansas is a great city with many opportunities still waiting to be brought to life and benefit all the citizens.

Terry Roberts has a Facebook Page where citizens may interact, present questions, and find out more about the campaign.

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