Doddridge Christmas in The Park

November 28 at 5 p.m.

Doddridge, AR– On November 26 Thanksgiving will fill your hearts with family love and your waistline with calories, so why not take a trip to the park on Saturday? Saturday, November 28th, and just in time to walk off some of those calories, Doddridge will host “Christmas in the Park.” Don’t’ miss this opportunity for exercise…err…some fun with the family at the park!

Doddridge Christmas in the Park has been referred to as a “Lifetime movie” by one Miller County elected official on social media. The event offers a glimpse of Christmas in the closing days of November. There will be fireworks, Christmas Caroling, that’s singing for you younger folks, Hot Cocoa and Cookies. This event is so unique and fun that it gains the attention of Santa. Kids, there will be a special visit to the park by Santa himself!

The fun will start at 5:00 p.m. Saturday, November 28th. For those unsure where this “Lifetime Movie Park” is located, you can find it at 9142 State Highway 160 in Doddridge, Arkansas. Bring a chair, bring your family, and bring a mask if you wish! This kickoff for Christmas promises to be fun for the entire family, and if you want to walk a little for exercise, that will be fine and dandy too.

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