Mystery Clean Up Man Gains Cheers in Fouke, Arkansas

“Fouke Mystery Clean Up Man”

Fouke, AR: The Facebook group “Fouke are cheers and jeers” came alive on social media yesterday due to a mystery man on 71. A simple “Cheers to this man for cleaning up 71” was posted, followed by dozens of comments. Comments ranged from “That’s awesome,” to “on Main Street” and “He has gone from the EZ Mart all the way down Main Street…Bless him.” One person even suggested the mystery man deserves an award.

In a time when the trash is easily tossed out the windows of moving cars or dropped by people without any regard for how it makes a town look, it’s refreshing to find someone cleaning up for no reward. The man can be seen in a photo posted carrying a large, apparently almost full, trash bag as he is placing more trash in it. A zoom in on the picture revealed a well-prepared mystery man with a back pocket full of unused trash bags.

The Mystery Clean Up Man of Fouke appears to have done his work for no reward whatsoever. Perhaps if he’s reading this little post, he will find out that the community overwhelmingly posted things like “Thank you,” “Awesome Job,” “Great Job,” and a “Big Thank you.” Mystery Clean up Man, you were noticed and appreciated. Fouke is a cleaner and nicer place today because of you.

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