Christmas Time 2020 is Almost Here!

Kids, it’s getting close!

Santa honors Jesus!

2020 has been a tough year. Can you believe it’s almost over? Before you know it, 2021 will be here! But, we still have one big event for 2020 – Christmas! It’s the time of year where we celebrate the birth of Jesus! Are you kids ready?

Did you know that many, many, many years ago someone started leaving gifts for kids at Christmas? That’s right! To honor Jesus, one man started leaving gifts for kids like you. All these years later, it’s still going on and that man, Santa, is still in spirit working with your parents and other adults to make sure gifts go out on Christmas Eve. You know the rest…Christmas morning comes and around the tree there are presents. It will be a day of celebration and fun…

Wait! Do you want to have some fun on Christmas Eve? Besides hearing stories, eating cookies, and leaving some for Santa, you can have fun with your family online! First, you need to get with mom and dad then look at the links below.

Remember – two important things – first, I have heard from Santa himself that he wants you to be good and get with your parents before going on the Internet. Second, Santa wants you to have fun, but get to bed early too so presents can be delivered.

So, without anymore delay…here’s a secret list Santa sent to us where you can track his trip, play games and have fun on Christmas Eve.

NORAD – This is the official United States Military tracking service to ensure Santa makes it’s safely into our airspace. It’s always a fun page!

Emails to Santa? – Maybe you need to get a last minute list out, but there will be tracking and fun here on Christmas Eve too!

Santa Tracker – This is a good one with show you Santa’s speed, and location. Right now, guess where he is?

There are some other tracking places and online games around the Internet according to Santa. He says many of them are fun but remember -all of them need your parent’s permission.

So, as the week quickly comes to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the Four States News wishes you kids, young and old, a wonderful and Merry Christmas!