Miller County Encourages Fuel Conservation During Shortage

The fuel situation in our region is stressed, some convenience stores have sold out or closed due to a lack of fuel truck transportation. If possible, we need the conserve the fuel in our area for emergency response vehicles and utility company trucks and personnel. OEM has made arrangements for fuel trucks to deliver to specific gas stations and realizes this will be an inconvenience for the public for the next 48 hours. Hopefully, the roads will clear, and transportation of goods and services can resume within the next two days. Miller County OEM Director, Joe Bennett asks the citizens of our area to please be patient. “Once the roads clear up a little, many people will want to get out and drive.” “We need to encourage people to remain at home and allow the emergency responders to do their job with the limited amount of fuel on hand unless it’s essential to travel.” Both Miller County and the city of Texarkana have fuel storage facilities available as a reserve and may have to tap those reserves if needed.

As a reminder price gouging is against the law. Should you experience or witness price gouging during this storm, please notify the appropriate agency. Arkansas Price Gouging Laws. Act 376 of 1997. More info at:

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