Four States Retirement Group offers Solid Reasons to Consider a Fixed Index Annuity

Texarkana, USA: Carl Standridge of Four States Retirement Group considers fixed index annuity options a number one choice for people planning retirements. A fixed index annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you make a lump-sum payment or series of payments and in return, receive regular income distributions at some point in the future. This type of annuity provides protection of principal in a down market, an opportunity for growth and the interest rate is guaranteed to never be less than zero. These annuities also offer a guaranteed minimum rate no matter if the markets suffer a loss.

There are several benefits of a fixed annuity in addition to receiving a steady stream of income in retirement. Many fixed index annuities offer something called a nursing home waiver to help you offset these costs and avoid any surrender penalties when withdrawing funds in these types of emergencies. Like any investment, index annuities have their benefits and costs associated with the upside potential. Carl says he feels certain that after reviewing the positive aspects of a fixed index annuity, you will find several reasons to consider one with Four States Retirement Group.

Benefits include:

  • When the stocks in your index such as the S&P 500 increase in value, the value of your contract increases.
  • If the market performs poorly, you don’t lose money.
  • Gains are locked in.
  • Income for life
  • Triple interest – interest on interest, interest on principal and interest on the money you saved from not paying taxes
  • Flexibility – either in the form of a rider or built in benefits, there are a variety of withdrawal options and crediting methods.
  • Index – your policy can earn interest based on an external index. You don’t buy any stocks or shares of an index which means your money inside the fixed index annuity isn’t at risk with market declines.

There are several other reasons why fixed index annuities might be right for your retirement planning. Carl also knows there are other items to discuss with a financial professional and gain clarity around fees, surrender periods, caps, participation rates, and all the ways to increase the upside potential.

For further information, contact Carl direct at Four States Retirement Group. The number is 870-330-9074 or visit him on his webpage at Four States Retirement Group.

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