Water Damage Forces Miller County Courthouse to Move

Moving help continues to be needed.

Damage posted 2-19 on the Miller County Facebook Page
Damage posted 2-19 on the Miller County Facebook Page

Miller County, AR: According to Miller County Judge Cathy Hardin-Harrison, the contents of the entire Miller County Courthouse must be moved quickly to allow for repairs. During the recent snow and ice storm, the courthouse was damaged when water pipes burst throughout the building during power outages. The damage was most significant in the basement, first and second floors. Several pictures online have showcased the extent of the damage and local news outlets have carried the story.

According to a post from Judge Hardin-Harrison, there is a lot of work to be completed. At this time movers are needed to assist with over 55,000 square feet of items. The community must remember that the current courthouse has been in operation since 1939, and houses many years of records. The courthouse not only houses county courts and records but also houses all county offices except for the Sheriff’s office. Judge Hardin-Harrison made the following post to social media moments ago:

We are in desperate need of help moving. We have hired movers, we are using 309s, and I have pulled a patch crew from the road department, not to mention the employees, including our circuit judges. If you know of someone would you please let me know. The Miller County courthouse is 55,500 square feet. We are having to move everything! Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to Steve Ledwell for the use of your trucks.

Anyone with the ability to help should contact the courthouse directly to determine how help can be applied and the arrangements for the help. If you are unable to reach anyone directly at the courthouse, an on-site visit with any potential assistance would be appreciated. The County may also be contacted online through Facebook.

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