Senator Bryan Hughes’s Election Integrity Omnibus Bill Passes Texas Senate

AUSTIN- The Omnibus Election Integrity Bill (Senate Bill 7), filed by Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Tyler) was passed by the Texas Senate today. This is the first major legislation tackling election integrity, a priority to Lt. Governor Patrick, and an emergency item for Governor Abbott. Senator Hughes issued the following statement regarding the passage of SB 7:

“The goal of Senate Bill 7 is simple: make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.  We want to make sure that Texans can cast their votes with confidence that they’ll be counted and that the results will be reported accurately.  It provides common sense integrity provisions for the election process, from voter registration through the counting of ballots.

Senate Bill 7 will give Poll Watchers the access they need to meaningfully observe the election process, make mail ballots more secure, and verify the accuracy of voting machines. 

The bill also makes it clear that partisan county officials cannot artificially create a home field advantage when they designate polling places.”

Senate Bill 7 will now head to the Texas House of Representatives, where Chairman Briscoe Cain is sponsoring the legislation.  

To see this bill in its entirety, please access the following link [LINK HERE].