Parents – A COVID Vaccine Warning

Currently the only vaccine approved for under 18 years of age is Pfizer

As summer approaches, many parents will be considering vaccine options for their children 12 years of age to 18 years of age. The only vaccine currently approved by the CDC for this age group is the Pfizer vaccine. The Moderna and the Janssen are approved for 18 years of age and up. Moderna makers are currently testing for 12 years and up, and they have reported positive responses; however, the CDC has not approved or reviewed the testing results as of this date (5-25-2021).

Scheduling a vaccine can be a confusing process. You are required to call a potential pharmacy or outlet, talk with a computer system in most cases, and set up appointments for your child. Today I completed this for my child in the 12-17 age group. I completed the online scheduling for May 26 at noon. All was good with the Walgreens store until the system informed me my child would receive the Moderna vaccine. Despite several attempts, I was unable to reach someone through the automated system on the COVID side. I finally gave up and contacted the pharmacy directly. Once in contact, the pharmacy agreed that my child should never have been scheduled for the Moderna. They thanked me and indicated they would notify the department that handles the automated system of updating. The pharmacy further informed me they only have the Moderna and do not offer Pfizer.

Currently, in the Four States area, the Pfizer vaccine for children 12-17 is only offered by Target and Albertsons. Albertsons can be scheduled online at their easy-to-use Pharmacy Scheduler. Target has an online scheduler as well, and it takes you to a CVS Covid Vaccine site. I personally found the Albertsons website easier to navigate. Both will ask for additional information which you are not required to provide, such as the last four of SSN, health insurance, and some basic background information. You may opt to leave these blank or answer “N/A” or check “prefer not to say.” Those without internet connection may also call for an appointment, or both stress walk-in without appointments is approved.

When planning an appointment for your child, remember only Pfizer is approved at this time for children age 12-17.

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