Texarkana College Expands Honors College with New Deans Scholarship for Fall 2021

Texarkana College

August 2, 2021– Texarkana College welcomes 83 new Honors College students to campus this fall who represent spring 2021 high school graduates from 12 school districts in Bowie and Cass counties. At Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting, Dr. Donna McDaniel, TC’s Vice President of Instruction, reported that the Texarkana College Foundation, which underwrites the scholarship fund, extended the number of awards this year to benefit more students.

“There are so many academically high-achieving students who graduate from area high schools who have goals of earning a higher education credential and we are so pleased to reward more of them this year,” McDaniel said. “Since 2015, we have been awarding the TC Presidential Scholarship to high school students who rank in the top 15% of their class or are one of the top 10students of their graduating class. However, this year the TC Dean’s Scholarship was established to benefit more high-achieving students who were right on the edge of the cut-off for automatic eligibility for the Presidential Scholarship. The Dean’s Scholarship is a new, competitive application process and will cover the remaining un-met need of tuition and fees once financial aid is applied.”

McDaniel said the value of the new Dean’s scholarships range from $1,000 up to $8,000 depending on number of hours a student needs to complete, and total un-met financial need.

“Both the Presidential Scholarship and the Dean’s Scholarship cover the cost of TC tuition and fees for up to two years, the completion of an associate degree, or the completion of 60 semester credit hours, whichever comes first,” said McDaniel. 

TC’s Honors College cohort enables students to have a unique first year experience that emphasizes building stronger academic and leadership skills. Honors College students receive priority advising and registration dates and serve as student ambassadors for the College. Increased emphasis is placed on the student’s preparation to transfer credits to a university of their choice to pursue their bachelor’s degree.

For more information and to see a complete list of Honor’s College students, visit texarkanacollege.edu.

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