The COVID-19 Impact in Arkansas

Opinion: COVID-19 is no joke, and I strongly disagree with anyone who says it is a joke, conspiracy, or something not to be taken seriously. It is getting to where more families are being impacted by this disease. If the family is lucky, there will be a mild case, but in others, death comes knocking with a brutal vengeance.

While people still debate the virus, masks, and the vaccine, few of those people at the edge of death debate it. In fact, the majority of the people showing up in the hospitals, ending up on ventilators, and eventually dying are often begging for the vaccine when they initially come in the door sick. Sadly, at that point, it’s too late. If they live, maybe they can get the vaccine, but if they do not…well, it’s as they say, “game over.”

I am under no illusion that there will be people looking at this opinion article and strongly disagreeing. They will point to the 98% survival rate or the fact that a mask causes them breathing problems, or that their rights are being violated. I have no problem with those disagreeing. You are entitled to your opinion just as I am. If you wish to think this is not serious, some sort of joke or you think this is a conspiracy, that’s fine. I would only ask you to take a moment and look at the chart below. If you think there is no significant impact in Arkansas, maybe this will show you some statistics concerning death and how COVID relates to the major wars of the last century.

Arkansas Number of DeathsCOVID Deaths
World War I2,183
World War II3,614

As of today, we have exceeded the combined numbers of Arkansans to die in four wars of the last century by 191. That difference will only continue to increase. It is only my opinion, but COVID does not appear to be a joke, a conspiracy, or something to not be considered serious. As for those who have lost friends and family, I imagine one death was one death too many.

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Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D.

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