Safety Features to be Added to Area Highways

Forty-one highways in Northeast Texas on schedule for new features

ATLANTA – Safety features in the form of texturized centerlines and shoulders will be added to 41 area highways during coming months, according to plans approved in August by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

“We are looking at installing texturized pavement methods to centerline areas of these highways to help prevent crossover crashes and along the shoulders to prevent run-off-the-road crashes,” said Rebecca Wells, Director of Traffic Operations for TxDOT in Atlanta.  “The texturized pavement methods make noise when vehicle tires run over them, alerting drivers that they are getting out of their traffic lane.”

Strip-A-Zone of Grand Prairie was awarded the contract for the construction on these projects with a bid of $3.5 million.

Work on the projects should begin in October of this year and take about 10 months to complete, Wells said.

Highways scheduled to receive the improvements are:

BowieUS 67From: FM 2149 To: FM 21488.7
BowieUS 82From: Spur 86 To: FM 13984.4
BowieUS 59From: Arkansas State Line To: 1.5 miles north of I-304.0
BowieFM 44From: Red River County Line To: FM 9927.7
BowieFM 992From: US 82 West in De Kalb To: US 82 East in New Boston22.0
BowieFM 1398From: US 82 West To: US 82 East10.5
BowieFM 1701From: Red River County Line To: US 2596.6
BowieSH 98From: US 82 To: FM 18402.5
CampSH 11From: FM 21 To: Loop 1793.5
CampFM 21From: Titus County Line To: SH 113.6
CampFM 556From: FM 1519 To: Upshur County Line5.9
CampFM 1520From: FM 1521 To: SH 117.0
CassSH 11From: FM 130 To: SH 499.6
CassFM 251From: FM  785 To: FM 12514.7
CassFM 74From: Loop 236 To: FM 2512.5
CassFM 96From: FM 2791 To: US 598.8
CassFM 130From: FM 250 To: SH 1113.3
CassFM 1766From: SH 77 To: FM 9946.6
HarrisonUS 80From: FM 450 To: Gregg County Line7.6
HarrisonSH 43 From: Marion County Line To: FM 26824.9
HarrisonFM 134From: Marion County Line To: SH 438.1
HarrisonFM 134From: Spur 449 To: FM 19995.0
HarrisonFM 450From: FM 449 To: US 827.8
HarrisonFM 2625From: US 59 To: FM 316.6
HarrisonFM 1793From: US 59 To: FM 13410.1
MarionFM 2683From: SH 43 To: FM 2485.9
MarionSH 49From: FM 134 To: SH 4312.5
MorrisSH 11From: 1.5 miles west of Cass County Line To: Cass County Line1.5
MorrisSH 77From: Cass County Line To: US 2596.0
PanolaFM 348From: SH 315 To: Rusk County Line4.3
PanolaFM 1970From: US 79 To: SH 3154.0
TitusSH 11From: Camp County Line To: Morris County Line4.4
TitusFM 1735From: 2.1 miles south of SH 49 To: SH 116.1
UpshurUS 271From: 5.9 miles north of SH 155 To: 1.5 miles north of SH 1554.4
UpshurSH 155From: FM 1404 To: US 80 East7.9
UpshurSH 155From: US 80 West To: Smith County Line2.0
UpshurFM 2088From: Wood County Line To: FM 5565.0
UpshurFM 1795From: FM 49 To: FM 10026.2
UpshurSH 300From: FM 3358 To: Gregg County Line5.9
UpshurFM 1795From: FM 1002 To: Wood County Line1.4
UpshurFM 726From: US 271 To: SH 3004.1
UpshurFM 2685From: SH 155 To: FM 14046.6

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