Four States News Adds School COVID Search to COVID Page

Arkansas: The Four States News has updated the COVID information page to include a link to data for school COVID infection rates. The link can be found on the COVID Information Page just below the “More Deadly than the Flu” Chart. Click on the link, Arkansas COVID School Search, and the reader will be taken to an outside database which is keeping up with infection rates in Arkansas schools since August 16, 2021.

In addition to the school resources, other information such as state, national, and global COVID infections may be tracked on the Four States News page. The cover page also features a red header which will take readers directly to the page, Four States News.

COVID-19 continues to impact communities in the four states region, nationally and globally at this time. The Delta variant is considered the major contributor to the current rise in cases. Another mutation, the “Mu” is rumored to be in 49 states at this time. There is no concrete information about Mu at this time; however, some within the medical community suspect that Mu may be vaccine-resistant. Further details will be released as cases are reviewed.