Bowie County Scam Alert

The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from citizens today saying they were contacted by a person claiming to be “Deputy Moore” from our office. “Deputy Moore” claims to have warrants for these citizens that they need to pay him for over the phone. This is a scam! There are no deputies employed by the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office with the last name of Moore, and we never take payments over the phone. “Deputy Moore” is calling from 903-949-3092 which is most likely a spoofed phone number. If anyone ever has a question about the validity of a phone call coming from the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, please contact us at one of our office numbers of 903-798-3149 for the Texarkana area or 903-628-6815 for the New Boston area. Someone at either of these phone numbers can verify who works for our office. Also, as a general reminder, never give anyone you do not know money over the phone in any fashion.